My Comrade Magazine glossy B&W magazine SUMMER 1993

My Comrade Magazine glossy B&W magazine SUMMER 1993

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My Comrade Magazine newsprint cover B&W magazine SUMMER 1993


Drag/Humor NYC Nightlife Mag


In 1987, Les Simpson (also a contributor to Time Out New York) started to publish My Comrade, using his alter-ego Linda Simpson, a drag queen involved in New York City's gay nightlife, as editor. The original format was that of a zine: a group of black and white photocopies stapled together. Over that period, 10 issues were published, and its success allowed it to continually grow in format and content.

The publication self-proclaimed itself the "court jester of the queer press"; it opted for a camp approach to gay lifestyle, talking ironically about popular culture, and parodying other types of magazines. The publication also acted as a showcase for photographers, illustrators, and writers of the queer subculture. It was very popular among the underground queer scene of New York City, and is still considered by many a great embodiment of Manhattan Lower East Side’s and East Village’s LGBT culture of the period.