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Vivid MAN: Solicitor (Zak Spears)

Vivid MAN: Solicitor (Zak Spears)

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Vivid MAN: Solicitor (Zak Spears)

Cast: Zak Spears | Bo Summers | Tanner Reeves | Carl Redford | Tyler Scott | Randy White | Alex Wild | Jim Steel

A story about an attorney who takes a stand.

Star attorney Zak Spears, idolized by the firm’s hot, new lawyer; Bo Summers, by chance happens upon two cleaning-men having sex in his office. Not surprisingly, he’s shocked. But quite surprisingly, he finds it erotic. And thus begins his odessey into the world of man-to-man sex. Climaxing in a sexual odyssey through the pants of Bo Summers. And a change of heart that leads to a change of life and a change of career. Solicitor: You’ll want him on your side. In briefs



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